Advanced technology for Air-conditioning & Heating (No FREON and No Compressor)
plus Advancements in Acoustic Power Generation
"We harness the power of sound"



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Cool Sound Industries, Inc. has an advanced technology for air-conditioning and heating well beyond today's standards. Our units require No Freon and No compressor which provides a longer lifespan with less scheduled maintenance and can produce unparalleled savings in energy usage. This technology is called thermoacoustics and is also used by NASA and the military. The air-conditioning technology of thermoacoustics is 'patented' by Cool Sound Industries. This is the only known technology that can operate on very little energy compare to other A/C units on the market today. The technology has already been proven suitable for use in residential, industry, transportation and other applications. Our initial unit will be a 3 Ton or 36,000 BTUs and can operate without the power grid with a few solar panels. Our A/C systems meet all energy efficiency and environmental standards worldwide for cooling and heating. Cool Sound Industries is also developing an Acoustic Power Generation source which is used by the same technology, in which the homeowner would not depend on the power grid and use only when necessary.

*** Cool Sound Industries, Inc. is in the process of raising funds to develop and complete the Underwriters Laboratories UL approval and certification before going to commercialization. The air-conditioning technology of thermoacoustics is 'patented' by Cool Sound Industries. Under current SEC guidelines, only accredited investors can access this investment opportunity. If you are an accredited investor and want to get involved in this most exciting technology, which can transform how we do air-conditioning and heating in our homes and for commercial use in the 21st the company for more information at 561-707-1633.

This video was showed on TV Discovery Channel. It's one of many proof of principal models that shows the technology is valid. The video also demonstrates how the thermoacoustic technology works.


Cool Sound Industries, Inc. introduces a technological revolution in Air-conditioning & Heating

plus Advancements in Acoustic Power Generation and it's GREEN.... Consider a technology

that can do the following .....

  • Has the potential for substantial energy savings in air-conditioning & heating

  • Eliminates the use of Freon and other environmentally damaging gases

  • Allows for design in climate control systems without costly compressors

  • Operates well beyond the life cycle of conventional technology with little maintenance

  • Maintains constant temperature and does not cycle on and off like conventional units

  • Unit can operate without the power grid with a few solar panels

  • Unit switches automatically to the power grid if the solar panels do not detect sunlight

  • Operating on the power grid only, the savings are substantial better than today's A/C units

  • Acoustic power source that takes the homeowner off the power grid and is used only when necessary

    Q. What technology can make these claims Positivity?
    A. ThermoAcoustic Technology!


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